Best Cordless Tools For Contractors

Best Cordless Tools For Contractors 1

In the increasingly competitive market, landing a client and remaining relevant is more than skills, as a contractor. It is also efficiency and speed, which you can only achieve with the best tools. Your choice of tools can determine whether the client retains you or they move on to the next contractor. But which are … Read more

What does an impact driver do?

What is an impact driver?

You will find it in construction sites, auto garages, and plenty of other places but what does an impact driver do precisely? Read about what this compact but immensely powerful tool is capable of below and why it could be worth having around your home/business. We will also tell you about when not to use … Read more

Best Generator For 15000 BTU Air Conditioner

best Generator For 15000 BTU Air Conditioner

If you ask anyone, the best generator for 15000 BTU air conditioner is versatile and convenient. Of course, there are other features such as portability and ease of use that always come in handy with such tools. However, you cannot tell what the generator is all about by just reading the features and listening to … Read more

Best Drill Press for Metal

Best Drill Press for Metal

We all love getting things done faster and efficiently. If you operate a carpentry or welding business, there are tools you can afford to miss. Otherwise, getting great results will mean lots of slogging and unnessary expenses. You might also not  be a carpenter or welder, but you might  have those one-off tasks that would … Read more

Best metal detector under $300

Best metal detector under $300

Not everybody enjoys digging up old coins and soda caps. But the avid detectorist in you understands the thrills of the great hobby and the beautiful perks in case you hit something of value. However, if  you plan to get started for fun or otherwise,  you might want to go for entry-level detectors. You should … Read more

Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

best automotive paint gun for the money

If you are a sworn auto enthusiast, chances are you will love performing DIY auto tasks that will give your beast a facelift. Giving your car or any other project a new look is great. But you must be ready to shed thousands of dollars if you outsource the automotive paint job to professional auto-painters. … Read more

How to charge power wheels battery without charger/ replacement

how to charge a car battery without a charger

Imagine your kid misplacing the charger for his/her motorized car?  Yet, they want to go out and have a great time with their buddies… Well, your creativity can save you from the pestering (and the silent treatment) if you know how to charge power wheels battery without charger. Here are some suggestions that can help … Read more

Best Stick Welder for Farm Use

Best Stick Welder for Farm Use 4

There are various activities that might keep you busy in the farm.  Probably, there is milking to do or cattle to feed. At times, it could be light repairs and maintenance work that will set you off by several hundreds of dollars. However, some tasks are not as complicated. If you had the right equipment … Read more

Best Laser Level for Tile

tile leveling system reviews

Tiling is one of those tasks that demand a high level of engagement and accuracy. If you are not careful, you can end up with funny looking results that put your credentials as a builder or homeowner into question. But how do you get the different angles right when it comes to tiling? While traditional … Read more