Best Heavy Duty Pool Steps 500 Lbs

Best Heavy Duty Pool Steps 500 Lbs 1

Pool steps offer a convenient and secure way to enter and exit the water. Unfortunately, most of the pool steps are usually rated 300 or 350 pounds, making them unsuitable for use for heavy people. Now, we all know the fear of getting trapped in a pool is the main reason the larger folks tend … Read more

How to Stabilize Ladder on Roof

How to Stabilize Ladder on Roof 2

Sometimes, you may need to get on the roof to fix or clean it. Either way, you will need a stabilized ladder on roof to get up there. Using a ladder is downright risky, and a fall could even take your life or end up with a lifetime injury. In 2012, about 250,000 Americans required … Read more

How to load a mini grease gun

Because of its compact size, a mini grease gun has loads of advantages over a full size one.. Not only do they maneuver more easily into the hard-to-reach areas but they also take up minimal room in the toolbox. Plus, you can operate it with only one hand. But you need to know how to load a … Read more

AC compressor low oil symptoms

AC compressor low oil symptoms 3

The purpose of AC compressor oil is to keep all parts lubricated and help cool the various moving parts in the compressor. In addition, the oil film protects the rubber seals -in the refrigerant lines and at joints/connections- greatly reducing the volume of refrigerant that leaks out. As a result, an AC compressor can fail to cool air … Read more

How to troubleshoot a refrigerator compressor

How to troubleshoot a refrigerator compressor

It happens all the time: A frustrated homeowner panics and calls a refrigerator repair man to fix a problem on his fridge compressor, incurring a hefty bill on an issue they could quickly have fixed themselves! Now here’s a cool idea: what if we show you how to troubleshoot a refrigerator compressor and save your … Read more

Standard vs high lift mower blades

In any task, you must have the right tools for a safe, smooth, and efficient operation. For your mower, the type of blade can be the difference between creating a lush look and an eyesore Now, the most mystifying decision especially for new gardeners is which side of the Standard vs high lift mower blades … Read more

Gutter Guards For Ladders

Choosing a ladder is the first step to maintaining your gutters clean. Now, as handy equipment the ladders are, they can turn to out be a nightmare on the gutters. It’s not quite a rarity to see your ladder wreaking havoc on your gutters. See, gutters, unlike ladders, are built with lightweight materials such as … Read more

How To Clean Lawn Mower Paper Air Filter

Lawn mower engines use one of three types of small engine air filters: foam, paper, or dual element (featuring both paper and foam) to keep dirt and debris away from the engine. This they do by trapping the airborne particles to ensure that muck doesn’t find its way into the combustion chamber, clogging it and … Read more

Best Safety Step Ladders for Seniors

Best Safety Step Ladders for Seniors

Step ladders are essential for every homeowner. However, if you’re a senior, you might find the regular ladders might be too challenging and risky to use. This is because they lack the safety features and senior-friendly features. The good news is, you don’t need to beat about the selection because, in the text below, we … Read more