Disadvantages of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Perhaps one of the best-known advantages of belt-driven garage door openers includes speed, low noise and ease of use. A belt-driven garage opener will be able to lift and close doors in seconds. It is smoother and quieter, and therefore a favorite of many people. Like many garage door closers, the belt drive design allows … Read more

How to connect PVC to cast iron

Though not commonly used these days, some homes still feature cast iron pipes in the plumbing system. As such, it becomes necessary to devise ways to join PVC pipes to existing cast iron, for example, when upgrading drainage pipe installations in your house- which is not an easy task. Why? Unlike the friendly PVC piping, … Read more

Best Submersible Pump for Domestic Use

Best Submersible Pump for Domestic Use 1

If you have enjoyed the freshness of unregulated and unbilled underground water from your deep well, then you know what the best submersible pump for domestic use can do for you. The best pump for you depends on how deep the well is and the rate of flow you want. Different pump models are available … Read more

How to clean sediment from water lines

How to clean sediment from water lines 2

The presence of sand, silt, clay, and other solids in your water lines is never good news. Not only can sediment damage your water-using appliances but it can as well negatively impact your water’s taste, feel, odor, and overall quality. With that in mind, it is critical that suspended solids and other buildup including rust … Read more

How to Paint High Places Without a Ladder

How to Paint High Places Without a Ladder 3

The excitement of acquiring a new home, more than often, overshadows the associated practical issues of maintenance. A home with a high ceiling is a source of grandeur and spaciousness. At some point, you’re going to need to repair some peeling paint or fixture at a high place. Also, evicting some of the non-paying occupants, … Read more

How to repair pressure washer hose

How to repair pressure washer hose 4

Don’t be too fast to replace your leaky pressure washer hose- a simple, inexpensive mending may be all it needs to get it to work again This article will teach you how to repair pressure washer hose and save some good money (some replacement pressure hose models are pretty expensive). We shall cover two smart DIY fixes … Read more

Anti siphon valve vs backflow preventer

When it comes to keeping personal water supplies safe from a possibly contaminated reverse flow, you have to decide between an anti siphon valve or a backflow preventer. This comprehensive anti siphon valve vs backflow preventer comparison guide will help you make an informed decision for your home’s plumbing. Read to the end. Anti siphon … Read more