Aerator attachments for zero turns/ best pull behind plug aerator 1

Aerator attachments for zero turns/ best pull behind plug aerator

Zero turn mower attachments help you step up your turf care game with one piece of equipment- your Z-turn riding lawn mower.

For aeration- important for growing and maintaining a healthy lawn because it lets nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil compactness – you should employ best pull behind plug aerator.

Below we bring you the best aerator attachments for zero turn mowers to help you get rid of the soil compaction and welcome a beautiful lawn.

Also included towards the end of the article is a shopping guide to help you pick the best model of this handy farm equipment.

Aerator attachments for zero turn: product reviews

Why settle for a less-than-perfect lawn when the following high-performance aerator attachments for zero turn mowers are ready to make your lawn breathe? 

Of course, we looked at a great range of aerator attachments available on the market these days before settling on these.

Take a look:

1.     Brinly PA-40BH Plug Aerator, best tow behind, 40-Inch

The Brinly PA-40BH Plug Aerator is one of the most popular choices and for good reason: the 24 heat-treated steel (16-gauge) plugging spoons dig up compacted soil remarkably well.

In fact, it takes up to 3-inch plugs out of soil without necessarily needing you to add weights.

And that’s because its narrower design along with the sharpened ends allow easier penetration even in heavily compacted, clay-rich soil.

I must say that it comes with a fully-enclosed weight tray that holds up to 150 lbs. of extra weight to help you achieve more soil perforation and depth if need be.

It’s thrilling even on uneven terrain thanks to the three independently-rotating, welded tine sections.

You’ll love the sturdy construction too- all the key parts are made of high-quality stainless steel.

And for peace of mind, you get no-flat wheels (10”) with this accessory.


  • Transport lever to help you cross driveways and walkways.
  • Minimal turf damage.
  • Simple assembly.


  • Storage a bit difficult- it’s relatively large.

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2.     Agri-Fab 45-0544  lawn Spike Aerator, 40″ Black

The Agri-Fab 45-0544  Spike Aerator is another solid option.

One of the chief attractions is the ten galvanized spike disks -they again penetrate the dirt (or existing grass) greatly to punch holes in most spots.

It’s really thoughtfully engineered and the spikes feel quite rigid which is good for mighty hard soil.

We also appreciate that it has a handy top rack to hold added weight (Up to 100 lbs.) when you want to go one or two extra inches deeper.

The other lovely point is the friendly cantilever transport handle to help you raise and lower the spikes.

It has the same 40” working width like the Brinly PA-40BH Plug Aerator to help make quick work of the affected area.

Transport over even harsh, debris-filled terrain is similarly easy seeing that it comes with two flat-free wheels (7”).

Overall, we would recommend it for those who looking for a spike aerator they can tow with their zero turn mower.


  • Durable steel construction.
  • The universal hitch works for most zero turn mowers.
  • Works like a charm.


  • An easier assembly would make this product unbeatable

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3.     Agri-Fab 48-Inch 45-0 299 best tow behind plug aerator

This amazing Tow Plug Aerator is best for expansive yards..

In fact, there are very few other aerator attachments you can hook up to a z turn offering such a huge 48″ aeration swath.

Plus, the 32 galvanized (self-sharpening) knives enter and exit the earth so cleanly leaving a meticulously aerated turf behind.

And because it pulls plugs about 3 inches deep, you will have your lawn in pristine health in no time.

The weight tray this time holds up to 175 lbs. just in case you wish to have added soil penetration.

Are you searching for equipment that will for years on end?

Then you have it in this gem- everything is rugged including the welded drawbar and heavy-gauge steel deck.

Another thing:  You can reach the transport handle from the driver’s seat, adding a layer of convenience most lack.

This is surely the best core aerator attachment for zero turn for those who dabble in large scale jobs and a smart way of saving the recurring aerator rental charges.


  • Easily hooks up to various lawn mower models.
  • Self-sharpening knives.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • A pricey investment.

Best pull behind plug aerator: Buying guide

Like any purchase, knowing the options available in a towable aerator is a useful way to make a good purchasing decision.

Now, most aerator attachments use two different techniques to relieve the negative effects of having compacted soil on the yard and that should be your first decision.

Here is our take:

Plug Vs. Spike aerator

The key thing to have in mind here is the design difference and how it affects aeration efficiency.

And the thing is a spike/slit aerator features solid spikes and use them to poke holes in the soil.

On the other hand, plug/core aerator attachments use hollow tines to take out plugs of soil, leaving little turds in the soil through which oxygen, water, fertilizer, etc. can get to the roots.

For the most part, both types of aerators work well but the rock-hard tines mounted on spike aerators tend to cause additional compaction when deployed in packed clay soil particularly in the zones around the holes.

For this reason, it is best to use best pull behind plug aerator to ease compaction in thick clay soil.

Having said that, a spike aerator will be fine for looser soils.

Other things to consider before making the purchase

  • Aeration swath: It is important to make sure your choice has adequate width if you’ve huge ground to cover. Most options are between 40-48 inches.
  • Penetration depth: Most plug aerator attachment get as far as 3 inches deep while their spike peers hardly exceed 2.5 inches deep.
  • Mounting: It is equally important to ensure that your equipment attaches easily and quickly to your brand of mower.
  • Simplicity of use: You certainly want something that operates with little effort making things like a cantilever transport handle ideal.
  • Construction: Most models are built tough with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability and maximum dependability but it’s a good idea to double-check.
  • Weights: It is equally advisable that your purchase supports cinder blocks or other weights to force the tines deeper into the ground.
best pull behind plug aerator
  • Transport: Large, flat-free tires bring smoother transport across the project area.
  •  Ease of cleaning: Tines do rust hence cleaning after use will extend its life. Be sure that your pick allows less labor-intensive cleaning.

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Final tips

Proper soil moisture is typically key for success with aerators..

You’ll be frustrated that your machine is just smashing mud around if the ground is too wet while you barely get any penetration if it’s exceptionally dry.

We recommend that you experiment and see the condition that works best for your lawn…

You could, for example, try to aerate the day after some good rain or perhaps the next day if the ground is extraordinarily caked with mud, and so forth.

Lastly, the recommended time to deploy the zero turn-aerator attachment combo on your plot is mostly during the optimal growing season for your type of grass.

This helps the lawn to heal quickly as the grass is growing fast enough.

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