How to load a mini grease gun

Because of its compact size, a mini grease gun has loads of advantages over a full size one.. Not only do they maneuver more easily into the hard-to-reach areas but they also take up minimal room in the toolbox. Plus, you can operate it with only one hand. But you need to know how to load a … Read more

AC compressor low oil symptoms

AC compressor low oil symptoms 1

The purpose of AC compressor oil is to keep all parts lubricated and help cool the various moving parts in the compressor. In addition, the oil film protects the rubber seals -in the refrigerant lines and at joints/connections- greatly reducing the volume of refrigerant that leaks out. As a result, an AC compressor can fail to cool air … Read more

Best Work Light for Mechanics

Best Work Light for Mechanics 2

If you have been a mechanic for a while now, you know just how important it is to have a work light. Working in the garage can be problematic, especially if the room’s design doesn’t allow enough natural lighting. Besides, some parts of the vehicles are in hard to access areas and dimly lit, and … Read more

Best Solvent for Removing Carbon

Owning an automobile or any other equipment is one thing, and maintaining it is another. Your car engine, for instance, needs to keep running perfectly, and there is a lot to do than change parts and engine oil. With some maintenance practices, you do not have to keep changing parts. It is possible to restore … Read more

What should wheel bearing seals be checked for?

The wheel bearing seals keep the bearings sufficiently lubricated and free of dust, dirt, and other contaminants.  As such, if the part is not cared for, it may not work as required and could make the bearings fail prematurely. The best way to remain on top of things is to regularly check the wheel bearing … Read more

Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks 3

Compared to the average trucks, lifted trucks are often higher off the ground. If you have a flat tire, you will need the best floor jack for lifted trucks that can comfortably accommodate the height and lift the truck high enough to replace the wheel. Unlike the normal jacks, such jacks require an exceptionally long … Read more

How to unseize an engine that ran out of oil

How to unseize an engine that ran out of oil

One of the biggest causes of seizures is the engine running out of oil or having an insufficient oil supply. Luckily, a locked engine due to oil drying out is not a lost cause and it’s possible to free up both larger and small engines with a bit of effort. This article will teach you … Read more

How to test a power wheels battery

How to test a power wheels battery 4

Your son gets into his super-fast monster ready for another episode of his thrilling backyard driving adventures only to discover that the engine won’t start! And so you’re suddenly looking at two problems you least expected: An extremely disappointed young man (he needs consolation, right?). A potentially outrageously expensive replacement battery bill. Well, we may … Read more

Best Oil Drain Pan Reviews

Best Oil Drain Pan Reviews

There are various routine maintenance tasks that help keep your car’s engine working optimally. Timely oil change is one of those routines. You might head to the nearest dealership anytime you want to change the engine’s oil. However, if you are a car enthusiast, you might want to do it yourself.  Most vehicles are designed … Read more