About us

About sistersgrimm.com

We are two sisters and besides sharing a deep affection for the wilderness, we have this insatiable appetite for exploring machines and DIY stuff.

All credit goes to our uncle…

His passion for machines was at another level and he was never bothered by our curious (or should we say foolish) questions whenever he was repairing or modifying stuff in his basement workshop.

Our love affair with engineering was thus born.

Years later we discovered that we needed a platform to share our wealth of knowledge.

The answer came in the form of this blog.

We are building it daily and we already have an amazing basket of practical tweaks, tricks, hacks, reviews, and everything on nearly all types of machines.

You will find something helpful here whether your goal is efficiency, fun, self-sufficiency, or a new skill.

It has been one massive fairy tale and we shall strive to keep it sweet and informative.

Enjoy our website.